The FOMO Phase of Motherhood

The FOMO Phase of Motherhood.

Last week I asked Ayden and Avia if they would like to stay at their aunties; As the girls from university were going out for dinner. However, to my surprise they both said “No, mom we don’t want too” and then it hit me. Not only have I never give them the opportunity to say no, but I also didn’t get that fear of missing out (FOMO) feeling. So,…

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Falling Back in Love with my Body

Falling Back in Love with My Body.

I’m on a journey. A journey I have been on for quite some time but have never really opened up about. I’m Falling back in love with my body, and I feel like it’s going well. However, the opinions of others can often trigger me. People regularly get taken aback when I say this. But, I felt my body was…

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Single Mom Boss 2

Single Mom Boss ft. Emily Wilkinson.

Welcome to the second post in the Single Mom Boss Series. Guy, if you haven’t already catch up by reading the first post in the series Single Mom Boss ft. Baked by Laura.Following the first post I was unsure of who to feature. Fortunately Laura, the owner of Baked By Laura put forward Emily. Luckily enough for us hairdresser, single mom…

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Single Mom Boss 1

Single Mom Boss ft. Baked by Laura.

Welcome to the first post in the Single Mom Boss Series. This series will be news to you if you didn’t read my last post “Why I’m No Longer Posting About The Past”. But, this new Single Mom Boss series will feature a new boss mom. Discovering the positives of parenting alone while beating the stereotypes every week.  This week…

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Why I’m No Longer Going to Post About the Past.

I had a question for myself after I published The Boy is Mine – Part 2 that for the first time I couldn’t answer. I asked myself. “Lucia, by reliving these situations and writing about them are you not continuing to live in the past? The fact I couldn’t answer it. And the fact I asked myself this in the…

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The Boy is Mine Part 2

The Boy is Mine Part 2.

Guys, do you remember the girl I mentioned in The Boy is Mine- Part 1? Well, I’ve been that girl too. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I’d recommend you do before continuing. It’s crazy because while I knew I wanted to talk about being ‘that girl’. The girl that does the whole ‘he’s my man’ thing. It was…

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Feeling Out of Touch

Feeling Out of Touch.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post a few days ago and while I hate to be Negative Nancy. I’d hate to put across a false representation of my life. And, if I’m going to show you all the positives I figured you guys deserve to know it’s not always so easy even if the pictures I post show you otherwise. I don’t know. I…

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im coming to you as a woman

I’m Coming to You as a Woman.

To tell you that you are enough and there’s nothing you could have done to stop him cheating on you. It’s crazy because although women empowerment and girl power are more popular now than ever, there’s still so many of us that have this “I can change a man” mentality or the idea that your lady bits are so ‘tun…

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Why Hasn't She Moved On?

“Why Hasn’t She Moved On Yet?”

Because, honestly, I have no desire to. There’s so many misconceptions about being a single mom and here you can find 14 of the most annoying. But, the most common one is that we’re all desperate to get into a relationship and for someone to save us. I’ve been single for almost three years, and while I think about how amazing…

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I Cut it All Off

A Weight Off My Shoulders – The Big Chop.

“I really went and did the big chop, for the second time” I really did it. I really went and did the big chop for the second time and it feels so damn good. I’m now rocking a TWA and I’m in love with it. It’s amazing because I feel even more liberated now, then I did the first time…

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