How I Became Two of Them One of Me.

It’s not until I’ve sang the sunshine song (Jimmie Davis- You Are My Sunshine), tucked them into bed, kissed them goodnight, cleaned the house and got a cup of tea, do I get time to think about who I really am. My name is Lucia, I’m a 24-year-old, second-year student studying forensic psychology, a blogger (if this works out of course) and most importantly a mom. Well, more specifically a single mom. I have three-year-old non-identical twins, Avia and Ayden.

If I’m honest, I’m writing this blog two and half years too late. It was two and half years ago now I made three life changing decisions with little advice or guidance.

  1.  Create a happy home for me and my babies
  2. To do this parenting thing alone
  3. To start my academic journey

I cannot stress the amount of times I had googled things like “morning routines for a single mom with two babies” or “how to potty train two babies without your home smelling like a urinal” and “when the best time to study with 1 year old’s” in hindsight though I was really expecting the future me to be there on the first page of the google search with all the answers but of course that did not happen.

It’s safe to say all three of us got through, we have a not so structured routine, routine that works for us nonetheless, a home which smells pretty good unless I’ve become nose blind and I’ve figured that the best time to study for me is when the twins let me. What I mean by this is, if the twins have eaten, drank, been to the toilet and have something to watch or play with, then I’m able to get my laptop out for as long I’m not needed as a mom, which is usually between 1-2 hours.

My google searching continues and unfortunately continues to fail. Have you ever tried to search “tips on how to travel via aeroplane with twins as a single mother?” I have and been brought to pages which suggest “taking a friend”. This of course suggest to me my mission to take Avia and Ayden on holiday alone is impossible and if I’m honest, I’m not having it.  Anyway, there’s a silver lining as they say because this has encouraged me to write my first blog and document our experiences. Apart from being a lone parent, a mom to the twins and a psychology student, I still like to think of myself as Lucia who lives for a full-face beat, a banging outfit and taking mini breaks alone or with friends.

That all explains why I’ve decided to become ‘TwoofthemOneofme’ but doesn’t quite cover how. So here it is…

Shortly after having the twins in 2014, I decided not to return my job in retail and started an Access to Higher Education course. With the support of government funding and state benefits, I was able to send the twins to a nursery, run a home and support the three of us. I completed the access course with full distinctions, might I add and was accepted into Staffordshire University where I continue to study. Through all this, I didn’t quite find a blog I found relatable which meant most of the choices I made were made blind. So, a year ago I had the idea of documenting mine and twin’s life in hopes that someone, someone like a young single mother could relate to us and be inspired by our journey. But I backed out, I began thinking about what people would say, and how people would react.

But things changed, and of course if your reading this you’ll know I plucked up the courage to put my family out there. So, almost two weeks before I made this blog live I started researching and researching some more. I searched “how to start a blog from scratch”, “how to create a name that encompasses all you want to put out”, “tips for first time bloggers” … Legit, I could be here all day, but I found the answers and started creating ‘TwoofthemOneofme’.

With all that being said, three years have flown by and the three of us have accomplished some amazing things (apart from flying) but as they say it’s better late than never and I would love for you to join us on the rest our journey. I have so much I want to accomplish with two of them, one of me and I must admit a lot of our accomplishments will be done through trial and error. If I know one thing for sure, it’s that you never stop learning as parent. I’m excited to continue our journey with you all.

Thanks for listening and feel free to comment

TwoofthemOneofme x

24 thoughts on “How I Became Two of Them One of Me.

  1. Spookily I did this four decades ago and survived. Sadly the Internet was yet to explode my dissertation was typed and my two sons survived and are well rounded
    Keep it up x

  2. Well done Lucia, it’s hard enough being a nee mother with 1 child so I can only imagine the struggle with twins. But you are doing a great job and I will look forward to reading all your blogs. Again well done and good luck with “twoofthemoneofme”.

  3. Well done on your Blog Lucia, even as a married working mother with 2 young children, parenting & finding time to be me is damn hard at times & faced with many challenges so I want to say i take my hat off to you & wish you every success. You are a great example to your children & to many moms out there.

  4. I’m so proud of you, not only are you an amazing mother but you’re a life long friend. I’m so proud of you, through college, university and all the shenanigans in between you have grown so much (and so have the twins). Your post is lovely, and an example of where hard work can get you. Looking forward to more posts! Love from Harps

  5. Lucia!
    It’s been a long time!
    Blog is looking fab so far and looking forward to hearing more stories!
    Leigh xx (previous retail colleague ;))

  6. This is really well written and witty. You’ve really captured your personality in this. Great read! Well done! Completely get the struggles of studying and raising young kids. I thought about blogging but never had the courage, great job xxx

  7. Lucia I think this is a marvelous thing you have done. It shows serious courage to tell the world about your family. x

  8. Hey Girl. How have I only just seen this? You are amazing Lucia and this is such a good read. So inspiring and I need to take a leaf out your book and find myself. I feel since having the girls I no longer exist. But it can be done as you’ve shown. So proud of you. Keep it up and I can’t wait to continue your journey. Sending lots of love you all xxx

  9. Wow, this was incredible like all of your posts! But I get it now! I am so happy to have discovered your blog and I am excited to follow the journey. I do not have any children yet but you still write it in a way that is relatable for any woman! XxX

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