Trust in God’s Timing- Turning 25.

It’s been a while since I felt like writing. I’m not sure why but the lack of motivation has been real since me and the twins returned from Portugal. Maybe it’s the holidays blues, but is that even real? If I’m honest with you though, I’ve got piles of clean washing I need to put away, a monthly shop that won’t do itself and a list of people I feel like I need to catch up with. I haven’t gotten properly dressed for the past couple of days. Even as I write this I’m sat here in my Ben 10 t-shirt I got while working in Budapest in 2010 and kitten printed trousers my Nan got me while I was pregnant with the twins. It’s safe to say guys I just can’t be ar*#d.

“We should be in Miami as I write this”

Trust in god's timing

My best friend Keisha will read this and probably be slightly mad as we’ve agreed to never speak of this again. But I can’t help but mention the fact that we should be in Miami as I write this. I should have probably already mentioned the fact I turned 25 this week and to celebrate both our 25th birthdays we were headed to South Beach. But clearly, god, the universe, whatever you believe in had other plans for the both of us. Keisha will be having her first child in July and apart from taking the twins abroad for the first time, it’s the most exciting thing to happen this year. As well as that though Keisha becoming a mommy was a real eye opener for me.

“Who was I kidding?

My bank account is not set up like that.”

It’s sounds crazy, but I really felt like “girl, it’s time to grow up”. Of course, I had to grow up during pregnancy and after I had the twins, but Keisha kept that youthfulness going. When I’d occasionally go out, it was with Keisha and so this really meant we (Batty and Bench aka Lucia and Keisha) really were growing up and things are changing. In October when we booked to go to Miami I had this unrealistic plan to travel to Miami and take the twins abroad which I think I might have mentioned in every post since I started blogging by the way. If I’m being truthful to myself though, who was I kidding? My bank account is not set up like that.

“Miami had to be cancelled”

I feel like everything happens for a reason though. And, I’m not saying Keisha having a baby was to enable me to take the twins on holiday. But it meant that Miami had to be cancelled and Portugal could be booked with no problems. Seriously, it was the best holiday I’ve ever been on and the twins were such a pleasure. I’m working on our holiday blogs too, but I’ve got so much I want to share with you so please bear with me.

Trust god's timing

“Plans change, bucket lists get amended

 As I said, I turned 25 this week and I really wanted to write a blog post about finding myself. I realised though, that I’m at a point in my life where I’m constantly reinventing myself and discovering new things about myself and parenting that it would be somewhat premature. If I’m being transparent with you I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog post. I really wanted to put across the fact that plans change, bucket lists get amended and that’s ok.

“Bigger fish to fry”

It’s funny because me and Keisha have been planning Miami since we were at school. But we’ve clearly got bigger fish to fry. What this has really taught me is that when you make the choice to become a parent, you also make the choice to change. To put your plans and dreams on hold, and to put the needs, wants, aspiration and dreams of someone else before your own. I really feel like I was missing the point when I booked Miami. But gods timing never fails, so I as well as everyone else really needs to trust in it more often.

“Ecclesiastes 3:1 –

There is a time for everything, 

and a season for every activity under the heavens”

Also, I thought I’d share my beautiful birthday cake with you. My baker (Haha) and bigger sister Laura always comes through with my crazy requests; This is my Bacon & Maple Syrup filled Sponge Cake with Butter Cream Icing, Decorated with Real Flowers.

Turning 25

Turning 25

Check out Laura’s Instagram bakedbylaura_x

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  1. Another great read, as soon as i get the message that you have put fingers to keys, I cannot wait to read it. I’m so proud of u! xxx

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