A Single Moms Guide to Flying with Twins.

In How I Became Two of them One of Me and Ending One Chapter to Start Another. I spoke about flying away with the twins. I discussed why it had taken so long, why I was so reluctant to do so and why now was the right time for us. I’ll be honest in saying that I’m somewhat annoyed at myself for doubting myself for so long, because it was the best holiday I’ve ever been on.

I know that the thought of taking your twins or two small children away on your own can be daunting for any mother. But, I’ve got some tips which I believe reduced the stress levels a little and I’d love to share them with you. I’ve held nothing back about the experience, as I wanted this blog post to be as informative and transparent as possible.

Single Moms Flying Travel Guide

Getting to the airport

Getting to the airport was fairly straightforward. Luckily for us, the twins nan dropped us off and picked us up which of course made travelling a lot easier. I’d definitely recommend getting someone to help you get to and from the airport. However, East Midlands airport for example is quite small and so parking, departure and arrivals are all very close together so if necessary driving there and parking wouldn’t be too much trouble but could set you back around £70.00.

Checking-In and Security

Checking-in went as smooth as it usual does, when there’s no queue, your early and the lady on the desk is lovely. I mean the pushchair was like an extra person, but it was definitely necessary.

Security got the better of me. Security always gets me, I’ve never got through security smoothly EVER. I didn’t get stopped this time. But, the problem was before I got through I had to off load all the electronics, the pushchair had to be swabbed. We had 7 little trays between the three us. On top of that I only went and wore a jacket and a sports bra. That meant walking through security in a sports bra. The twins couldn’t have been more embarrassed of me. They didn’t hide it either, both of them saying as I walk through “Mom, wheres your clothes”.

Also, I used a check list from Totstotravel.co.uk as a guideline and customised it to our needs.

1. Hands-free

Make sure you have your hands-free. My backpack was one of my best investments for the holiday, a handbag will get in the way and a small shoulder is not big enough to fit everything you need.

2. RedKite Toddlers Lion Back Pack & Detachable Walking Reins.

 Single mom flying guide

i brought these bags for our trip to butlin’s last year. i know their quite controversial but the twins like to run off now and again. i’d rather use these then lose them both.

3.Joie Aire Blue and Pink Twin Pushchair.

Single Moms Flying Travel Guide

again i brought this JOIE Twin Stroller during our butlin’s holiday. its so easy to push even with them both in it. folds down to near enough nothing in comparison to other twin pushchairs and the twins and i love it.

Airport Lounge

In the airport lounge we had something to eat and then the twins discovered the play area. And erm, let’s just say if we ever fly from there again we will be avoiding it. It was difficult to get them off, as it is with any other soft play area. Their three year olds, what do I expect. When you’ve got tannoys screaming your flight number and gate though, theres this sudden panic, that of course your children don’t understand. Suddenly your trying to round up twins, remember everything you’ve got, get there shoes on without one running away and then one gets hurt. Yes, they tag teamed me and as I stopped Avia, she slips on her back and bangs her head on the floor.

This is all happening as they scream my flight number once again, get to the lift and it’s broke. This was honestly the most stressful part about the WHOLE holiday. We made it to the gate which was on the other side of the world. So, the pushchair was necessary. On our way home though, I didn’t have the pushchair in the airport  and this is because as we arrived in FARO airport I realised there were no visible lifts and so I just used my intuition and left it at the check in and it worked out for us. Of course this may not be the case for everyone or everywhere but just bare that in mind.

Single Moms Flying Travel Guide


The twins are just over 3 and a half years old now and so they were fully aware of everything. It was amazing to see them take it all in, to choose whether they wanted to sit by the window, to countdown the seconds to take off. I’m pretty sure they thought we were in a rocket ship. There was a lot of “3…2…1 blast off” from them both and I was not about to ruin that for them.

I couldn’t have asked for two better children, on both flights I was complimented on what well behaved children I had and it really put a massive smile on my face. Both their ears caused them a little bother but it wore off pretty quickly. If you’ve flown before then you’ll know what it feels like. So if I’m honest the little bit of crying they did towards the end of the flight didn’t bother me too much, and thankfully no one made me feel funny about it.

Single Moms Flying Travel Guide

1.Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, 16 GB, Blue/PINk Kid-Proof Case.

my mom bought these tablet for the twins at christmas and they haven’t come off them since. the tablet is more ayden’s thing and it kept him occupied the majority of the flight. i downloaded some games on them before we left home too.

2. Colouring Book & Pens

Single Moms Flying Travel Guide

i made these to save the pennies. it meant i could throw all their favourite characters into one book. colouring is more avia’s hobby and she loved it.


Arriving at Faro airport was pretty straight-forward and there was a family queue at customs which was a great help and meant the twins didn’t have to wait around to long without their pushchair.

1. Direct transfers

Single Moms Flying Travel Guide

we got direct transfer to and from the hotel. it meant that there was no waiting around and we were dropped straight to our destination.

Relax & Enjoy

Bonus tip: don’t worry and try not to stress. You’re a single mom all the time it’s what you do. The airport and flying isn’t as hard as anything you’ve been through already. don’t let your mommy anxieties stop you.

Do you have any tips? Feel free to share them.

Single Moms Flying Travel Guide

TwoofthemOneofme x

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  1. Love that you tackled holiday with your twins! They look adorable :)x Such an amazing post!! I could imagine the stress all moms went through, especially if there is more than one child! x Hope you do even more holidays with your twins!

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