A Weight Off My Shoulders – The Big Chop.

“I really went and did the big chop,

for the second time”

I really did it. I really went and did the big chop for the second time and it feels so damn good. I’m now rocking a TWA and I’m in love with it. It’s amazing because I feel even more liberated now, then I did the first time I cut off all my hair. That might be because this time I did it myself and saved myself £60 in the process. I mean my barber wasn’t happy when he had to fix my handy work in the back but apart from that I think I did a pretty good job.

A Weight off My Shoulders - The Big Chop

I Cut it All Off


I must admit, my barber didn’t hold back on his ‘constructive criticism’. It was quite funny actually even though I was embarrassed at the time. He says, “What is the boy having?”, referring to my son. “No, erm I’m here for me. I just need you to fix the back, one straight line will do”, I say. He starts to laugh “Straight line, mi can’t just give yuh a straight line, dat deh needs fading”. At this point, I’m happy for him to do anything to fix what I’ve got going on in the back, so he starts doing his thing, pauses and says “OMG! yuh did butcher di back” and might I add, he wasn’t quiet about it. He fixed it though thank god, so I suppose that’s all that really matters.

A Weight off My Shoulders - The Big Chop

A Weight off My Shoulders - The Big Chop

As I said, I’ve done this before. And you might be wondering why on earth I’d cut off all my hair for a second time. And, honestly there’s so many reasons. Other than the fact that I just love how it looks. I’ve got 3 others that really sealed the deal for me.

A Weight off My Shoulders - The Big Chop

1. Self-Empowerment

2. My Daughter

3. Bad Condition

The first two reasons are the most important to me. Both allow me to feel and look good and teach the twins, my daughter especially that the length of your hair doesn’t define your beauty. And, that princesses come in all different variations.

As well as that, my hair and scalp are in great condition. Before cutting my hair, my scalp was in a terrible state and my hair was really dry. Now though, I have no trouble. This could also be due to the products I’m using. I’ve even seen an improvement in the twin’s hair since I stopped using Cantu products.

To help with my natural hair journey, I’m currently using Aunt Jackie’s hair products. All of which are doing everything they claim to on the bottle. My hair looks good and most importantly feels great. I am still using EcoStyler, though. Yes, I know I’ve heard the stories, but I just haven’t found an alternative. If you have one please drop me a comment, I’m more than open to trying something different.

You can shop the products I’m using via the links below:

1.Aunt Jackie’s Girls Heads up Shampoo 12 Oz
2.Aunt Jackie’s Soft & Sassy Girls Super Softening Conditioner 15 oz
4.ORS Olive Oil Wrap/Set Hair Styling Mousse 207ml

Or your local Afro-Caribbean hair shop should stock them all.

 Please read the disclaimer to find out more about shopping through the links on TwoofthemOneofme.

A Weight off My Shoulders - The Big Chop

Tell me what you think? Could you cut off all your hair ladies? If not, what is it that’s stopping you?

TwoofthemOneofme x

6 thoughts on “A Weight Off My Shoulders – The Big Chop.

  1. You look amazing! Modelesque <3

    So I'm natural and my hair didn't like cantu products either. My hair adores Aunt Jackie's Quench Leave-In, keeps my hair moisturized and the protein in it keeps me from having to do as many protein treatments so often.
    It's so inspiring that you're teaching your daughter that beauty comes in all forms. I like how you said the length of your hair doesn't define your beauty.
    I feel empowered by you owning your look, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Natonya | http://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you so much ❤️
      I took a little bit of a risk, and I feel so much better for it.
      Natural is definitely the way to go, your hair is beautiful. I’m so happy I discovered Aunt Jackie’s products, absolutely amazing!
      Honestly my daughter still doesn’t like it and she would much rather a 28 inch weave but I won’t give up haha.

  2. YOU LOOK AMAZING! You have the most stunning features. Girl the big chop is the big time saver in the morning 🙌🏾 you look amazingly beautiful!

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