About Two of them One of me

I’m the brains behind twoofthemoneofme.com, no I’m joking but I am the writer. My name is Lucia, I’m a 24 year old undergraduate student and single mommy to 3 year old twins, Avia and Ayden.

For almost three years now, I’ve been browsing the World Wide Web looking for someone I can relate to as a student single mom with twins or two small babies. Don’t get me wrong I know these women are out there but I just haven’t found them (yet).

Last year 2017 I had the idea to put me and the twins out there for everyone to see in hopes someone relatable would find me. So here I am in February 2018 finally starting one of my dreams.

I’m here to motivate and inspire like minded moms to achieve so much more than people expect us too and so I’ll be writing about everything from travelling alone with twins, getting back into education, finding the time to study for a degree and so much more.

Today, you will find my blogs posted here once every two weeks and between May and September when I’m on a break from university, I hope to put out weekly blog posts.

If you’d like to get in contact with me please email: luciaamarcus@live.co.uk