The FOMO Phase of Motherhood

The FOMO Phase of Motherhood.

Last week I asked Ayden and Avia if they would like to stay at their aunties; As the girls from university were going out for dinner. However, to my surprise they both said “No, mom we don’t want too” and then it hit me. Not only have I never give them the opportunity to say no, but I also didn’t get that fear of missing out (FOMO) feeling. So,…

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Feeling Out of Touch

Feeling Out of Touch.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post a few days ago and while I hate to be Negative Nancy. I’d hate to put across a false representation of my life. And, if I’m going to show you all the positives I figured you guys deserve to know it’s not always so easy even if the pictures I post show you otherwise. I don’t know. I…

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Moved On

Ending One Chapter to Start Another.

In the first blog post I published “How I Became Two of them One of me”, I touched upon the three biggest decisions I’ve had to make thus far whilst being the twins mom. The most important one for me was making the decision to do this parenting thing alone.    When I wrote the statement previously I’m almost certain…

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